Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 11: Mitchell, SD to Storm Mountain Center with a stop at Wall Drug

April 25, 2014

This morning was beautiful in Mitchell.  No wind and bright blue sky.   

We walked the perimeter of Cabela's for some exercise.  We saw this snow stick on the fire hydrant and decided we didn't need to move anywhere where the snow poles are taller than either one of us.  

We were told that the poles were really that high so the snow plow operators would easily see them with having to strain to look down on them.  Not sure we want to move where they have to have snow plows anyway.  We slept a little late and actually were about an hour later leaving than we planned.  Then – while driving down the road we crossed the time zone line to Mountain Time and – we were no longer running late.   Nice!  If it were only that easy on Sunday when we are running late for church. 

We continued on I-90 West driving across South Dakota.  The speed limit on much of I-90 is 75 mph. In construction zones where they re-route the east bound lanes to the west bound side so there is head-to-head traffic, they drop it to 65 mph. Makes it interesting on windy days. We also thought it humorous that in these stretches of head-to-head traffic where they had red posts between the lanes they thought it necessary to post "Do Not Pass" signs.
Killed a lot of bugs today
Sign frequently seen at SD rest areas (also, good idea everywhere)

Also seen at SD rest areas
We stopped at a scenic overlook for our first real view of the Badlands.   

We plan to take a drive through the Badlands National Park and get our National Park Passport stamped before we leave this area.  We also saw the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands.  In Wall, SD we stopped at the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands Welcome Center – the only National Grasslands welcome center in the US.  It was very good and the staff very helpful.  From there we went on into town to the infamous Wall Drug.  It is really just a big collection of tourist shops much like those in Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge.  It  does have very good ice cream.   

Downtown Wall, SD
After leaving Wall  and making a stop for fuel for the motorhome and the truck we headed on toward Storm Mountain Center. We arrived about 3:00 pm and were met by Ashley, one of the full time staff.  Later Steve, another staff member, came over to assure we got the rig parked and utilities connected.  We were then invited to dinner as well!  What a treat to visit with and get to know Ashley and Steve.  We look forward to meeting others at this camp and are anticipating a fun week of work. This is a really beautiful place!  We hope to be of some benefit to the camp as they are preparing for their summer camp season.   
Road into Storm Mountain Center
Our home for the next few days
We will have more pictures and information to share over the next few days.   Wild life for  today – 2 pheasants and many more geese and ducks. 

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