Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 152: Back to Alabama

September 13, 2014

It depended on which way you looked as to what the weather looked like this morning. One way the sun was coming up bright and shining. The other way there was dark clouds that looked rather bad. Fortunately we were headed in the sunny direction that turned into a partly to mostly cloudy day but no rain. It was a good driving day.

We left the WalMart parking lot at 7:00 and experienced little traffic on this Saturday morning even in Memphis. The roads through Memphis are in need of repair – some as rough as Alaska roads – but otherwise it was a pretty easy drive. We made it back to Blount County about 2:30. We have already seen some friends and family and look forward to seeing many more over the next several days. We missed you guys. We have much work to do to get Fred unloaded, washed, waxed, serviced and ready to go on his next adventure. The Colorado also is in need of a good waxing. It will probably take more then one good washing to get all the crevices clean on both vehicles.

Below are two pictures of how our driveway looked when we arrived. It took a couple of hours on the tractor to make it passable.

SO the great Alaska 2014 Adventure is over. This will be our last daily blog posting until the next adventure. We will post summary information on the trip in a few days when we have time to get that together. Otherwise, thank you all for coming along on this journey and hope you will join us again.

Max and Anne


  1. Thanks for sharing your trip. We have enjoyed following along and look forward to catching up with both of you. See you soon. Oh yeah, what night do you want to work the Fair?
    Don & Doug, Blount EMA

  2. Max, Anna & Scout Thank you for sharing your trip. I have enjoyed reading everyday your adventurers. I've told you before it was like reading a best seller wanting to see what the next day would bring. Thank you again and I'm looking forward to your next adventure. Bonnie-Probate Office

  3. Just spent a few days reading about your journey to Alaska. What a great blog, and wonderful photos! I'm a married mom of 4 who has never even had a honeymoon, much less a real vacation, so seeing your writings has made me dream of what can come in my far off distant future :) One day I hope to be able to explore and set out on a long journey such as this one. Can't wait to read about your next adventure!