Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day 149: Another Day in Branson

September 10, 2014

This morning it was 81 degrees when Scout got his first walk at about 6:30. Certainly didn't cool off enough last night and the air conditioner had to run a lot during the night. However, shortly after Scout's walk it started raining and by 8:30 it was 75 degrees. That's better. Unfortunately, it did go back up into the mid-80's this afternoon. We still get the Rapid City (Storm Mountain) forecast and they have a winter storm warning for tomorrow. They may get 3 inches of wet heavy snow and will have a low of 28 tomorrow night. Wow – we left a week too early! However, that could be a very damaging snow because the trees still have their leaves and some branches may come down with the weight of the snow. We will be praying for our friends there. Speaking of Storm Mountain, we met some people here that live very close to there and who will be leading a NOMADS work project there in a few weeks. It's fun to meet all these people. Wish it wasn't so far away. We would love to go back with a team and do some more work at Storm Mountain Center.

We had daily devotion at 7:00 am and our guest pastor was again very good. We have been blessed with really good speakers. After devotion it was pancake breakfast. They know how to make a good pancake here at the KOA. (And the price is right – $0.00) It was then time for some singing and preaching before we had another business meeting. The remainder of the day was filled with seminars on various topics such as team leadership, vinyl siding installation, writing and publishing a book, home inspections for required repairs, and electrical wiring. Tonight was the pot luck dinner and we took smothered slow-cooker pork chops. All the food was good, so of course we ate too much. There was also entertainment after dinner by “Irish Band” There was some toe tapping, clapping, and a little dancing, People seemed to be having a good time.
Installing vinyl siding is more complicated than it looks.
After dinner entertainment
Tomorrow there is more of the same, except it is supposed to be a little cooler. We sure hope so.

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